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ICT Support

An option that can be taken out on it’s own or to complement a Managed Service Contract, BlueBuoy's Hardware Support provides ICT Support in the form of telephone, remote* or onsite visits. The helpdesk is open Monday-Friday from 8.30-5.00 including School Holidays.


This ensures the School always has IT Support that can be called upon whenever an urgent problem occurs that cannot wait until the Managed Service visit.


Examples of issues that cause problems and need prompt resolution include;

• “My printers offline and can’t print”
• “Our printer is jammed, but we can’t see any paper”
• “None of our laptops can get on the internet or access shared areas”
• “2Simple Software needs putting on my PC”
• “My projector Bulb is really yellow”
• “I’ve locked myself out of my computer”
• “We have a new teacher starting today and they aren’t setup for the system”
• “Nobody can access anything at all, internet, teacher shares or printers! HELP!”
• “Our backup reports say it keeps failing”
• “My whiteboard isn’t interactive!”
• “I’ve got no sound on my class computer”
• “Our laptop trolley isn’t charging”

*BlueBuoy's Remote Support is a state of the art remote support solution which enables DBS cleared BlueBuoy engineers to access the Schools Servers, PCs and Laptops remotely.


One of the many benefits of Remote Support is that it has smooth operation, even behind firewalls, such as the SWGFL. It is highly secure and the connections utilise data channels featuring 1024-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding.


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