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BlueBuoy IT Support is an offical partner of the VoIP system, 3CX. We offer.........

Benefits and Features of 3CX phone system

3CX has a range of features, all of which come as standard with the PBX package. Offering complete flexibility, this VoIP phone system enables you to take full control of your telecoms solution. Many of our existing clients have opted for 3CX based on the extensive range of benefits the system offers. Some key benefits include:


Full control over your phone system
3CX can be installed on-premise or hosted in your own cloud, giving your business full control over your business phone system. This is a huge advantage as you can make changes in your own time, without needing assistance.


Reduced costs
For a growing business, it is essential to monitor the cost of telecoms and connectivity and with 3CX this is simple to do. 3CX is very competitively priced, therefore many of our clients have been able to decrease the costs of their telecommunications when moving to the system.

Boost productivity
Having a feature-heavy phone system such as 3CX enables your team to improve productivity, communication and collaborative working. Key features such as chat, status updates and call reporting and recording enable your teams to work more efficiently. Teams can also be monitored and efficiency of call answering, making the system suitable for contact centres.

Work on the move
With softphones available for both Windows and Mac, users can work and communicate easily on the move. Apps also work seamlessly with web-based clients. Your teams never need to miss a call with mobile integration. This also improves workflow for remote teams, which are becoming increasingly common.

Safety and security
3CX has the most advanced and up to date security technologies integrated into the system. The telecommunications system also allows full management of the software in terms of global IP blacklisting, SRTP encryption, SSL connectivity and automatic detection of SIP attack tools.

High level communication software
As an out the box system, 3CX there is no need for additional downloads or extras. Everything you could possibly require from a VoIP system is included, with easy setup available from our experienced team.

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